Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Looking for those willing to work for less than they are worth.

Blacks only earn about 75% of what whites do.

Hispanics only earn 70% of what white do.

So I will take the world by storm.  I will hire all the Hispanic women that are willing to work for 54% of what white men will work ( 77% times 70%) and I will have a huge competitive advantage.

I have hired, managed and promoted (and occasionally fired) women before. It worked out well.

I trust women.  I trust black employees.  I trust Hispanic employees. But if they will do the same work for half the rate of white men, I have the chance to really kick butt and create a competitive advantage by dumping the white males (especially the old ones like me).

Here is my question:  Once I hire them and we are leaving the competition in the dust, do you think they will continue to work for a major discount just because they like me?  Maybe not (You might refer to the current wages in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball.)

So for all those  women that are willing to work for 77% of what men earn, please let me know. You might make me rich.  For any Black Americans out there that are willing to work for 25% less than whites please send me an email because I will hire you in a New York minute.  And of course any Hispanic women that are willing to work for 46% less for the same work that I pay a white man, I am your biggest fan (although I may doubt your sanity). I am always looking to create a competitive advantage.

I am color blind, could care less about your religion, your sexual orientation or if you are a man or a woman.  All you have to show me is that you are smart, hardworking, will show up every day and I will give you a try.

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