Wednesday, February 26, 2014

At last - something good to report about the Affordable Care Act

I have to say that today I found one good thing to come from the ACA. You ask, Jerry what could that be? Well, I read that "Retail" health clinics are increasing in number where in the past they had reached a point of stagnation. Now, if you don't know, a retail health clinics is one that, in general, is open seven days a week, doesn't require an appointment, accept more types of insurance than doctors and charge about 30% to 40% less for similar services. The reason for the increasing numbers is that the small business people who are opening them are betting that the ACA will bring longer waits and higher prices at the doctors' offices and will drive a money making percentage of patients to their door. Just economics. If there is a need for a product then someone will come along and attempt to fill that need.

This could be a great idea and the reason that I think so is that the AMA is against it. Their position is that "such facilities don’t provide the continuity of care" and "they are detrimental to the concept of a 'medical home,' where patients have a personal physician who knows them well and coordinates all their care."

And if that does not keep people from using these new clinics then they say, “Some pediatric practices say they won’t see you if you go to a retail clinic,”

Well, if the "competency card" does not work then you can always play the "fear card"...


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