Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Data in American Agriculture

I get discouraged by the growth of Big Government and its inherent inefficiency.  And the trend seems to be more government involvement in the economy rather than allowing free enterprise to solve the world’s problems.

But this NewYorker article (from last Fall) is quite encouraging.

The Climate Corporation is one of at least a handful of companies that are using satellite monitoring, GPS tracking, and the analysis of Big Data to help the American farmer squeeze more yield from his/her farmland. It also uses this capability to offer customized crop insurance that supplements that offered by the US Department of Agriculture.

In an era of shrinking water resources (especially in the Western US) and ever-changing weather and climate, our ability to plant the right crop at the right time in the right place and adds greater efficiency to the American farm.

Monsanto purchased the Climate Corporation last October for $930 million. In this case, Big Data is big business and getting bigger.


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