Sunday, August 10, 2014

Governor Cuomo wants New York Jet Fans to pay for a Stadium in Buffalo

I have just been reading that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is willing to do everything he can to keep the Buffalo Bills from moving out of the state. He will, he said, consider building a new Buffalo Bills stadium (The New York Times Aug. 8, 2014). The Governor is willing to consider public aid to help build the stadium if it is necessary. This means that the Governor will force other people, the state taxpayers, to pay for a bribe to the owners of a business that is worth $840,000,000 so that that business will stay in the state.

May I humbly suggest that Governot Cuomo is not doing everything he can. I have not seen where he has offered to spend his own personal money to help fund this project. He just wants to stick other folks with the bill for the Bills.

Once more we see the power of Big Government versus the power of the people.

And according to Scott Drummond, a top commenter at Cafe Hayek: “It doesn't matter how much money you have if the people who have the ability to hand out favors can't be bought. And if they can be bought, why are they allowed to be in a position to hand out favors?”

I am more of a Conservative/Libertarian than anything else and I must say that I agree with Greg Webb that: “ is libertarians who argue to reduce government power and separate government powers to minimize political cronyism and government corruption. It is progressives who advocate for ever bigger government, which, quite logically, results in more political cronyism and government corruption.”


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