Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Mall of America cashes in on North Dakota Black Gold

The Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota) is getting in on the North Dakota oil boom. They are running advertisements and YouTube videos to attract the rough-necks to “come on down.” A lot more to do at MOA than in Watford City, ND and many of the oil workers have left their families at home in other states to come to work in ND. So “come on down” and meet your family at the mall and stay in one of their fine hotels for a long weekend or longer.

According to Sara Coleman, director of the North Dakota Tourism Division "The wages are good. There's a lot of discretionary income there..."

BTW, the You Tube video also ends with a feel-good family reunion photo and a message on the screen that there is "No sales tax on clothing"....

Free market business, ain't it grand?


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